UPSC ESE 2024 : General Studies & Engineering Aptitude Paper I – Guide by GKP

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Following the GATE exam, the Engineering Services Examination (ESE) has emerged as a highly coveted avenue for recruitment in Engineering Services. This preparatory manual crafted by GKP serves as an invaluable aid for aspirants gearing up for the ESE. The book offers a structured approach to exam readiness, with its content divided into distinct sections, ensuring a well-organized study experience. Theoretical concepts are presented in a clear and comprehensible manner, coupled with practice questions that serve as a litmus test for your understanding.

Furthermore, the book features solved papers spanning the years 2017 to 2023, providing valuable insight into the exam’s format and question patterns. The amalgamation of comprehensive theory, skillfully crafted practice questions, and authentic practice papers make this book an indispensable asset for students preparing for the ESE.

Key Features:

  • Aligned with the latest exam pattern
  • Inclusion of fully solved papers from 2017 to 2023
  • Theory presentation followed by application through practice questions.


Book information:

Pages 800
ISBN 9789356813489
Print Price ₹795


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