Kashmir-The Crown of India

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Kashmir valley- its geostrategic location, richness with biodiversity, evidence of Early Man, the emergence of Vedic culture, subsequent visit of Gautama Buddha, the spread of Buddhism from Kashmir to other Asian countries, visit of Sankaracharya and Sri Ramanujacharya to acquire pristine knowledge from Kashmir valley, the spread of Kashmir Saivism to South India, introduction of Sufi-culture, are some of the aspects that every Indian should be proud of. One can very well ascertain from the historical records, travelogues, inscriptions and archaeological excavations that Kashmir valley has been a cynosure for the invaders for the past 2000 years for her scenic splendour, geographical location and her expertise in fine arts, literature and wisdom.


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Pub Date 01/10/2023
Edition 1
Pages 96
ISBN 9788196596644
Print Price ₹100
Author: TKV Rajan

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T.K.V. Rajan, a well- known archaeologist and media personality is the Founder – Director of Indian Science Monitor and Indo-Asian Foundation of Archaeological Research. As an Archaeologist, Rajan has been concerned about the impact of science and technology on the traditional Indian society. His futuristic exhibition “The Last days of Homosapiens” sponsored by JNU, reflected the problems of changing values and eco-crisis. Rajan has also presented “Our Buried Past”, a documentary serial for Madras Doordarshan. Post graduate in Archaeology and learnt Anthropology under Professor Polin Kolanda from the University of Houston while she was in India. While Rajan was in USA, he released a video “Hollywood Nostalgia-Impact of Hollywood movies on the traditional Indian Movie goers” in Glasgow, Kentucky and he was honoured by the Citizens of Greater City of Texas for his scientific presentations on Archaeology of India.


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