Essentials of Indian Polity Constitution & Governance

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This book includes all topics whose thorough knowledge and understanding is required for any competitive exam. However, for those who aspire to succeed in UPSC and state public service commission examinations, mere study by rote alone is not sufficient. A deeper understanding of the political, legal, and contextual aspects of the above topics along with their background is necessary for writing balanced and insightful answers. The approach of this book, therefore, is not just to provide information, but rather to present a holistic and interpretative approach to various issues related to our polity and constitution. The book also extensively covers issues of governance citing important legislations & case-laws.


Book information:

Pages 920
ISBN 9789356812772
Print Price ₹795
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Author: Neeharika Reddy

About the author:

Ms Neeharika Reddy is an alumnus of Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) and is a practicing advocate at the High Courts of Andhra Pradesh and & Telangana since 2010. She is an expert in Constitutional Law and Writs. She also coaches and mentors aspirants of civil services in Hyderabad.


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