Why Vote?

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Exploration of India’s Electoral Process

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Author: Krithika Ramasethu

To my fellow Indians,

Bharat Electoral Literacy Fest (BELF) took shape into reality from the raw idea that emerged in my mind while casually discussing the upcoming elections of 2024. The casual telephonic discussion kindled my thoughts and put me into a state of deep concern and a strong will to contribute in my best capacity to my nation. Ever since I started understanding the essence of Bharat, and the important role elections plays in Nation building, I have wondered;

• Why is the voter turnout less?
• What is stopping voters from exercising their duty?
• Does the voter understand the ‘power’ that she/he is holding in the form of vote?

And, many such questions kept arising. The endeavor of Bharat Electoral Literacy Fest (BELF) is to serve answers.
• To contribute to my nation.
• To make Bharat stand tall.
• To play my role as that tiny squirrel which contributed in building the “Ramasetu”.

Through Bharat Electoral Literacy Fest (BELF), I have gathered those tiny pebbles to fill gaps, that would definitely make the structure strong.

Additionally, I take pride in showcasing the spirit of patriotic youth. When a group of youth come together and are determined to contribute to nation building and a peaceful world, the thought of execution through their sheer conviction gives out valuable content.

“PrajaSetu” is an example of such a team. To have conducted this completely online, is innovative and truly gives a backing to the reach of reality of “Digital India”.

Originally intended to serve as ‘an election manual’, but now serving the dual purpose of the actual intention, along with documenting my journey into exploring, learning, speaking and educating on “The Prestigious Indian Elections” dearly “The Festival of Democracy”.

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